Red knee high socks – an amazing story from London

red kniee high socks
ALBERT KREUZ red knee high socks

Since the very beginning the men’s red knee high socks are part of ALBERT KREUZ’s business socks’ range in our online-shop.  But we had no idea what a nice story could be hidden behind red knee-highs!

Not long ago, we received an e-mail from Christopher Choa from London, regular customer for years.

He kindly shared his unique “red-socks”-story with us – which we would like to share with our readers and customers.

Christopher only wears red socks. They used to be hard to find on a regular basis – so for many years he used to order them from an ecclesiastical shop in Assisi – but the socks were sold only in silk and it started to get really expensive for him. From the moment he discovered the red knee high socks from ALBERT KREUZ, he orders them regularly to London.

But how did Christopher get to wear red knee-highs?

It began when he was still in university – he started with the red socks because they were easier to sort and find in the dark – and they always matched. Now, 35 years later he still wears only red socks. He was even married in red knee-highs! Also he told us, that the red socks are very useful when he cycles to work – a safety feature when seen by surrounding automobiles!

So from time to time he gets a whole new red batch and throws out all the worn-out ones. Another advantage: All his friends know what to get him for Christmas! What a great luck.

These days Christopher needs to order a little more often the red knee high socks from the German manufactory of ALBERT KREUZ – because one of his sons has now started to have the same preference…for the red knee-highs!!! And now he wears the socks of Christopher…

A real touching story – which shows us as producers how unique our customers are!

Even a long and hard brainstorming of marketing experts would not have reached at so many and so nice arguments why men should wear red knee high socks!

The most beautiful stories are told by real life!

Now we will boost our manufacturer in order to have always enough red knee-highs available for Christopher and his sons!

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